Newcastles First Oncology Nurse Practitioner - Calvary Mater Newcastle

1st August 2011
By Supports of Cancer
Funded by Supporters of Cancer and Port Waratah Coal Services.
SOC is proud to have, in conjunction with Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS), been able to contribute to the engagement of the first Oncology Nurse Practitioner at the Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Oncology Unit.

Funding of $90,000 raised from the 2011 Charity Ball, along with a $150,000 sponsorship from PWCS brokered by SOC, enabled a three-year sponsorship of this exciting initiative.

The highly sought Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse educated and authorised to function autonomously and collaboratively in an advanced and extended clinical role.  The role includes assessment and management of patients, referral to other health professionals and ordering diagnostic tests.

The appointment was the first time a fully authorised Oncology Nurse Practitioner had been engaged outside the Sydney metropolitan area.  Commencing in August 2011, the Nurse Practitioner conducts her own patient clinics for patients receiving chemotherapy or who have completed treatment.  This allows Oncologists to treat more new patients and ultimately reduce patient waiting times for cancer patients in the region, and is a fantastic example of an innovative private / public project.

After the three-year sponsorship, the waiting period for patients was reduced, and the Mater announced the extension of the tenure and the position a permanent appointment to the Calvary Mater.  To date Gillian continues to do a wonderful job in the unit.

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